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Winkeyfinder 1.66

WinKeyFinder is a Small Program, which Finds your Windows Product key, Such as Windows 200, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and .NET, as the windows 98 key is available in the registry any one can view it with a simple regedit tool, I decided not to include it here. The Windows VLK can be changed if you have a valid Product key, you just need to copy and paste the product key, and click on change Key, thats it this program will change the key for you, Im not sure about windows 2000, have not tested on it. If it works on it please let me know! Tuesday, afternoon released WinkeyFinder 1.61! To download, Click on the menu and Select download! Winkey Finder 1.61 Will be released today!
It has features!

1 View/change XP Key
2 View/Change MS office Key
3 View Win98 Key
4 view Win2000 Key
5 View .Net Key
6 View Win2003 Key
7 Back up WinXP Activation
8 Save Your Product Key By Encrypting It
9 Generate Unique Passwords By Entering your Combination of KeyCode
10 and many More
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Administrator (admin)
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28 Dec 2010
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11 Aug 2006
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dimahl 2007-06-06 06:32:38 vauuu cool

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