Download Win Keyfinder 2.0.5 Final

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44 Responses

  1. ken robibnson says:

    doesnt match product key on my sticker i used to install windows.

  2. CharlieJoe says:

    WKF 2 Beta 1
    Can’t do it whit my office 2010

    • imranb says:

      You need to check if your MS Office has a product key, for example the Ms Office Starter does not come with any product key

  3. Karel says:

    hi i can’t change license key. PLS help me

  4. Tom says:

    Works very good. I found my win key in a second. Thank you.

  5. khai says:

    it worked. TQVM

  6. Paul says:

    After unzipping and running the file WinKeyFinder.exe I get the message “Can’t find DLL-file. MSCOREE.DLL”. I want to find a registration key from software on an old computer with Windows 98

    • imranb says:

      Please try some old Winkeyfinder versions, the latest version does not support windows 98, the support for it has been taken away.
      Please try winkeyfiner 1.5, 1.7

  7. antony says:

    Would be nice, if a non booting/external Drive could be analysed !

  8. steve says:

    it is not opening on my desktop

    • imranb says:

      Could you please tell me what is the error you have? It needs .net frame work files, please install them from MS website, these days they are must on every P.C

  9. Ahmad says:

    Thanks a lot for this informations

  10. babu says:

    How can i find the product key for office 2016 pro

    • imranb says:

      Hi Babu, are you not viewing Product key for Office 2016 pro? in Win keyfinder 2.0.1?
      If you have an installed version of Microsoft Office 2016 or 2013 via your Office 365 subscription, you don’t need to worry about product keys. Just sign in to your account and download and install the latest version of Office 2016 to your computer.

    • Kevin says:

      But… Make sure you pick the Office 32 bit version. The Office 64 bit version isn’t compatible with all other software such as Adobe Acrobat. You’ll run into other problems. We had to downgrade 5000+ computers.

      • imranb says:

        As per my test system, I think it works for 32 bit Office also, I will test and make any changes to code and update, thank you.

  11. Danil says:

    Don’t work on my russian version of Windows 7 Professional. Product Key looks as BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB. I tried different versions of program.

  12. Thomas says:

    Hi, I have a problem because the keyfinder does not read because it only sees something like BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB. Do you have any idea how to read the key?

  13. Pete says:

    Hello, where do I download the 2.03 version? I have an older version that says its When I run it, it shows me a key. I downloaded a newer version of winkeyfinder, it also says it’s, but the release notes with it say 2.0.1. Running it gives me a different key. Which one do I believe?

  14. Akram says:

    I have many PCs at work and all of them are showing the same key number.

  15. ScVilaLKoH says:

    Where can I download version 2.03? I download from WinKeyFinder but it seems to me that it is version 2.00 and version 2.01 is written in the “Release Notes.txt” file. Please send a link to version 2.03.

    Thank you

    • imranb says:

      File is correct, release notes might not have been updated, which I will fix today. Thanks for point it out.

  16. A.Elgendy says:

    i need product key for windows XP

  17. Nick says:

    I tried finding my Win 7 key, but found that it couldn’t find it. Tried to decrypt the key, but I need a password for that, but I have no idea what that might be and how to find it.

  18. morad says:

    thank you, it is working with me – win10 and get the office 2016 pro key while it is unstilled (not in the pc)

  19. c says:

    it works. tysm ;)

  20. Chris says:

    works great!

  21. ADAM says:


    Avez vous la possibilité de trouver le mot de passe de mon mail Hotmail que je n’ai pas utilise depuis 15 ans le systeme de Microsoft est trop complique et surtout que je ne peux avoir aucun dialogue avec eux , ils ont un robot qui fait la recherche.

  22. ADAM says:


    Avez vous la possibilité de trouver le mot de passe de mon mail Hotmail que je n’ai pas utilise depuis 15 ans

  23. Suma says:

    I want product key for windows 8.1 pls

  24. habtei says:

    it shows me error code: 0xC004E003. pls help

  25. J Meaux says:

    If you have a Microsoft account the windows key that came with your computer or one that you purchased will not be the same as the one that have , because Microsoft assigns you a digital key linked to your Microsoft account.

    • Drivanose says:

      Over the years there have been many changes done to the Product key, Winkeyfinder merely it decrypts the key present in the System registery.

  26. nấm thiên vương says:

    tệp này chạy rất nhanh :) mà dùng lại còn rất dễ nữa:) 5 sao
    (Translation: This file runs very quickly :) but it’s even easier to use :) 5 stars)

  27. Ali Saud says:

    You are awesome. after long search online, winkeyfinder gave the solution. if icoud kiss you i would, lol

  28. Siswanto says:

    why diferent version find diferent key ?

    • Drivanose says:

      Latest version finds the correct key.
      As there have been changes in the way key read and decoded.
      The latest version works perfectly.

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