Know the Top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)- 2021

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  1. Mark Manning says:

    The program needs a way to search a given disk drive. My laptop AND virtual xp disks became corrupted after installing and trying to uninstall Commodo Antivirus. I put my laptop’s disk into an external USB enclosure. However! WinKeyFinder v2.1 has no way to set which disk drive it looks at. I’m going to try copying the executable over to that disk drive but I don’t know if that will work or not (ie: running it from THAT hard drive). Instead, I think it will just give me my Windows 10 key again. :-( This is one of those Oops! moments when you realize you did something stupid and are trying to figure out how to fix it. :-)

    • Mark Manning says:

      Yep. It just reports my Windows 10 key. Bummer. Can you change it to allow someone to put in which disk drive to look on? Thanks if you can!

    • Drivanose says:

      Oh this is really bad, however I know one product key finder which had this feature you can use that product key finder to get your product key from a 2ndary disc.

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