How to Find Windows Product (CD) Key from Windows Operating System using Win Keyfinder

There are many articles or tutorials already available all over the web, on how to retrieve your product key from Windows Installation, yet I have decided to write this article with very simple steps on retrieving your Windows Product key using Win Keyfinder 2.0

The Steps are very simple and it does not take much time and also it needs no Installation. System requirements are files that are already present in your system for running any .NET Application.

Without wasting time let me get started.

1. To Find Windows Product (CD) Key using Win Keyfinder you need Win keyfinder latest version available here in own website or you can safely download from

2. After you finished the download, Unzip the file in to a desired location or a location which is easily accessible say Desktop.

Find Windows Product (CD) Key

Find Windows Product (CD) Key

3. Go to your Desktop and Find the Win Keyfinder executable file.

Find Windows Product (CD) Key

4. Double click on that to run/open it.

Find Windows Product (CD) Key

5. As soon as you run it, Win Keyfinder will decode the Key present in the system registry / retrieve it for you in easy human readable format.

Thats it as simple it gets.

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7 Responses

  1. Mirza says:

    Very useful and 100% informative.
    Thanks and keel it up.

  2. karl says:

    c’est genial

    [Translated as: it’s great incredible bravo ]

  3. Pam says:

    awesome thus far

  4. Ian says:

    Does just what it says! Excellent!

  5. ni says:

    the link “donate” in the program doesn’t work error 404

  6. Binyaq says:

    Thanks for the excellent informative article.

    Donate button works fine.

  7. Willem says:

    Pity it didn’t work for WinXP in a Oracle Virtual Box

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