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Windows 8 Released for Testing
Windows 8

Microsoft has now decided to release Windows 8 the next Microsoft Windows Flag ship Operating system to public beta testing, this new Operating system is completely a new built from scratch and has not Windows Start button rather it has all icons and shortcuts arranged in tiles fashion that Microsoft calls it as Metro

Microsoft Windows 8 Test version can be downloaded from Microsoft Website http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/consumer-preview This test is available for over 70 countries.

Windows 8 is beautiful Fast, Fluid and has a new modren way of displaying screen and Start Menu icons with Metro Style arrangement. The same OS can be installed on Tablets and Smartphones, this will be a big test for Microsoft Windows, as it is lagging behind Apple and Android and its shares are falling down since April 2008.

How ever Windows 8 can be a breather for Microsoft as it promises to give users lot of flexibility, customization and stability, It has been said that Windows 8 boots up in 8 seconds that is very fast boot up time.

Over all this is a new begining for Windows OS from Icons to Tiles..

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