Changing Volume Serial – For Windows XP Activation Backup!

This article will demonstrate how to change the drives serial number on three different file systems: FAT, FAT32 and NTFS. The Program Coded by [email protected] , Does exactly what is required for activation backup as well as activation restore!

Usually, the serial number of a drive is generated every time you format your hard drive and there is no documented way to change it afterwards.

It is worthwhile noting that the serial number returned by the “dir ” command or the GetVolumeInformation() API is not the hardware serial number that comes from the manufacturer, instead this serial number is assigned and stored in the hard drive (mostly in the boot sector) by the file system and *can* be changed by software.

Now Here I will explain you How exactly You can change your Volume Serial of Your Drive { Where You have installed windows XP }

I actually wanted to code/and try this, but found this wonderful program, written in C++, I will or might convert this and integrate into Winkeyfinder using VB.
Steps for Taking Activation backup:

Click on Backup Activation, This will ask you where to save your Activation!

Along with this Your Volume Serial number for Windows XP Installed Drive Volume Serial is also Save in a Text file named Volume_serial_number.
Steps for Restoring Activation

Now You have to open the Executable Named: Change Volume Serial Number, and Typin your “New Volume Serial number” This is the serial number for which you have taken the backup During activation backup, now Hit Change volume Serial number. this will change your Volume Serial number to a serial number which is stored in your Activation file which was activated hence you don’t need to re-activate windows again after a clean install [format and install].

You can Download Latest Version of WinKeyFinder from Download Section Named WinKeyFinder 1.72 Final

NOTE: This works only if you have formatted your drive and installed windows, without any other hardware changes! I don’t take any responsibilities for any Hardware or software Damages! For help and questions out Community forum is the best place!

Last updated on July, 19th 2005 (Edited on 23rd November 2014)
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