Why do I need to change my windows key?

If you try to install Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1), you may receive the following error message: The Product Key used to install Windows is invalid. Please contact your system administrator or retailer immediately to obtain a valid Product Key. You may also contact Microsoft Corporation’s Anti-Piracy Team by emailing [email protected] if you think you have purchased pirated Microsoft software. Please be assured that any personal information you send to the Microsoft Anti-Piracy Team will be kept in strict confidence.

This issue may occur if the product key that you are using to install Windows XP matches a product key that Microsoft has determined to not be valid. These two product keys create a product ID that matches one of the following product IDs (where X is any numeric value):

XXXXX-640-0000356-23XXX XXXXX-640-2001765-23XXX XXXXX-640-643718x-23XXX XXXXX-641-309376x-23XXX XXXXX-642-064580x-23XXX XXXXX-642-464364x-23XXX XXXXX-643-334701x-23XXX XXXXX-644-081772x-23XXX XXXXX-644-451265x-23XXX XXXXX-644-874896x-23XXX XXXXX-644-933704x-23XXX XXXXX-644-962396x-23XXX XXXXX-645-833254x-23XXX XXXXX-645-994962x-23XXX XXXXX-646-031843x-23XXX XXXXX-646-104081x-23XXX XXXXX-646-105103x-23XXX XXXXX-647-318838x-23XXX XXXXX-647-592029x-23XXX XXXXX-647-677834x-23XXX XXXXX-648-301691x-23XXX XXXXX-648-819992x-23XXX XXXXX-649-106765x-23XXX XXXXX-649-941392x-23XXX XXXXX-650-292312x-23XXX

If you have any of the about Product Ids as yours Matching then You should contact your dealer! and get a new product key hence you don’t wanna reinstall windows losing all your data this is why winkey provides this facility. And for administrators who just dump HDD image on all computers and need to change the keys!

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