Microsoft Windows 8 RTM in 2012 (Next Year)

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, at Microsoft Developer Forum at Tokyo, Japan has said what has been speculated since Windows 7 release, that the next version of Windows operating system, Windows 8, will RTM (Released to Manufacturing) and available in stores in 2012. Windows 7 was released in 2009, around 3 years after general availability of Windows Vista in 2006. And many Windows enthusiasts have expected Windows 8 to arrive by second half of 2012.

What’s interesting is the official name for “Windows 8″. The name of Windows 8 has automatically and naturally popped up after Windows 7. Unlike Windows Vista which had a codename “Longhorn”, and Windows 7 which was codenamed “Blackcomb” and later “Vienna” while in development, Windows 8 does not have a know codename other than “Windows Next”, and in leaked builds, as “Microsoft Confidential”. So, Windows 8 can be the codename for the next-generation Windows OS, but can turn into official name too. Microsoft has refrained from calling the upcoming Windows OS as Windows 8, until now.

The full transcript of the Steve ballmer can be read here..
Preview of Windows 8 may come as earlier as May 31st- 2nd June 2011, at All things Digital conference (D() which takes place at the above dates, at California.

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