Buy a Genuine Windows 10 Pro for $13.79

Ever wondered you could purchase Windows 10 Operating System for peanuts? yes for $13.79? that’s correct for $13.79, Windows 10 Pro OS available for purchase from or an OEM Product key, and a Retail key code for $23.99. Both OEM Product Key and a Retail version is available for 13.79$ and 23.99$ respectively, prices may vary slightly, is selling Retail Windows 10 Professional for $23.99 and it works perfectly fine and is legal keys.

All those people who want to buy a legal copy of windows can now afford a copy of Windows Original product, by simply purchasing a genuine Windows Product Key from or

There are two versions available:
1. Retail version comes directly from Microsoft with all features unlocked
2. OEM Version which is the version provided by Large PC Manufacturers on devices they sell. OEM is limited, it permanently binds to one PC on the first activation, it does not come with Microsoft Free phone support and you can’t use it to upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 only a fresh install.

Product key codes are in stock, instant delivery after payment by email
Full 100% genuine, Official legitimate serial key code to activate windows 10 pro.
Download Directly from Microsoft
All Languages supported

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