Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Build 1709)

Microsoft has released a complete new Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Build 1709), Update brings tons of fixes updates for existing features and enhancement to present Windows 10 Operating system, Any one who want to update, can download Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Build 1709 directly from Microsoft website, however the update will be slowly available via Windows Update, but for those who cannot wait can directly go to download the update or create an Windows 10 installation ISO.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Build 1709)

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Build 1709)

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Build 1709) is the latest revision of Microsoft desktop Operating system, users will be able to update to latest version by these methods:
Download and create an Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Build 1709) ISO
Download the Update from Microsoft Website
Windows update, which will eventually happen when Microsoft rations out their bandwidth.

Windows Media Creation Tool is the tool that should be used to download and make an ISO image on a removable media. Windows users can download and create a backup copy using the Media Creation Tool; or download ISO media from the Software Download page at Microsoft Website.

Users who are running previous version of Windows such as Windows 7, Windows 8.0 or Windows 8.1, require to purchase new license of Windows 10 to install Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Build 1709)

Whats New in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Build 1709):
– New features, enhancement to already existing one’s with tons of bug fixes
– Every Wi-Fi connection now has a prominent option to configure whether it is part of a Private Network or Public Network.
– Task manager as several small improvements, including options that allow you to track GPU activity on a per-application basis and more convenient grouping of related process.
– Update includes to improve performance of Windows running on High-DPI displays
– Build-in applications like Registry editor and snipping tool are no longer blurry wen moving between multiple displays at different scaling factors.
– Power throttling feature makes its debut in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Build 1709)
– Major improvements for built-in applications.
– Improvement for System settings
– Remote desktop settings: Scattered in several locations is now place in one single page.
– Security: Lot of bug fixes, exploit protection

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