New Anticipated Windows 8.1 updates/changes

After the release of Windows 8 and followed by slow sales and lot of criticism for not having option to enable/disable Start menu Microsoft has decided to release a update to Windows 8, the update is romourd to include the start menu and many other features/enhancements/corrections and it will be FREE for all Windows 8 users.

Here are some of the Windows 8.1 changes:
1. Desktop Wallpapers at Start the start screen, users will be able to choose/slideshow pictures stored locally or at skydrive cloud as Start screen background.
2. A New Updated Search: 8.1 update will have a new search which will offer global search results powered by… yes you guessed it right powered by “Bing” in a rich, simple to read, aggregated view of many, content sources to provide best answers for the users query.
3. Updates for Apps.
4. Multitasking experience- Windows 8.1 update will be able to snap in variable sizes as reported, which will allow apps to run simultaneously.
5. Tiles handling- Users will be able to arrange/Re-Arrange tiles more conveniently. More apps can be selected all at the same time, uninstall them/re-size them… By just press + Holding the key tiles can be moved around.
6. New and Updated Internet Explorer.
7. Better Settings Menu- Windows 8 lacked a proper/easy to use settings menu, which is now addressed in this update, Users will can change they product key, run windows updates do a lot more things easily.
8. SkyDrive Updates/Improvements/ New Updated Windows store.
9. Start Tip: The new big change that is coming in Windows 8.1 is the New Start tip, new update will bring the Windows Logo left hand side side, in place of Start screen tip, it comes up when one hovers the mouse pointer.

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