First Major Windows 10 Update

Microsoft released Major Update for Windows
Starting November 12th, Microsoft made available the first major update for Windows to fix some of the bugs and fine tune the Operating system

The update includes:

Performance in everyday tasks, improvement over 30% in bootime
The All new cortan with many new language supporting, Cortana will recognised the phone number scribbled in a pen, email address, and even the physical address. Cortan can keep track of calendar events and lot more, Cortana is now available in Japana, Australia, Canada and Indian (English) with features and experiences curtoised for each individual market.
The Edge: Microsoft edge offers smoother browsing experience and enhanced security, Microsoft Edge now syncs favorite and reading list items across devices, one can easily get back to the content even if the devices is changed.

Expect a update from Microsoft Update center with Update for “Upgrade to Windows 10 Home/Pro, version 1511, 10586”

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