Installing Windows (Windows 10 v1607) Anniversary Update

Installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft has started the process of rolling out its Anniversary Windows 10 Update to all Windows 10 Computers/Tablets, this process of auto update will take some time to reach ever Windows 10 users, If you cannot wait that long and want to install this update then continue reading further.

Before you proceed make sure that your computer supports Windows 10 Anniversary update basic requirements, since the requirements for this update (Windows 10 v1607) have changed:
Mini. 2GB of RAM is required
For 32bit OS 16GB of storage is needed
For 64bit IS at least 32 GB of free space is required.
Screen size of mini. greater than 7″ is required.

If your system matches the above system requirements then please download an iso from here:
Download the ISO image and install it.
Hope this small guide will help you with this anniversary update!

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