Windows 8 Update – Enforced restarts after 3 Days

Windows 8 Gets a Update which will Enforce a forced restarts after 3 Days of Windows Updates, this feature is to allow the system to patch the updated files

Windows 8 Has now got a new feature which will display a nice and gentle message on the screen to restart the system ” You have a Pending Restart”, this message can be ignored for 72 hours i.e Three days, after which Windows 8 will Enforce a restart to patch the required necessary system files, OS will give 15 minutes before enforcing the restart so that the user can save what ever the work that he/she is carrying on. In certain cases where update of system is crucial, eg: when a big Virus breaks out like “blaster” the system restart is enforced almost immediately.

This is no doubt a good feature for many (new) users who are not aware of how dangerous it is by not updating the system, which might result in loss of essential data, and corruption of disk.

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